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Zara Katz & Lisa Riordan Seville

Photographs by Zora J. Murff

Women on the Outside, 2015–ongoing

When someone is incarcerated, female family members often pick up the pieces. But the financial and emotional strain of having loved ones behind bars can take a toll upon the women on the outside. Long distances also make it hard for them to visit their loved ones. It’s often more than a three-hour drive each way.
One of those families is that of 28-year-old Kristal Bush. When she was 3 years old, her father went to prison. Her cousins, brothers, friends and lovers followed. Six years ago, Kristal founded “Bridging the Gap,” a van service that transports people from Philadelphia to faraway prisons for visits.
With their ongoing multimedia project “Women on the Outside,” Lisa Riordan Seville (*1984), independent investigative reporter and Zara Katz (*1984), producer of editorials and documentaries offer a glimpse into the lives of a group of women on the outside, trying to stay connected to loved ones behind bars.

Zara Katz & Lisa Riordan Seville & Kristal Bush at FOTODOKS 2017