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Michael Danner

Migration als Avantgarde

Losing home, intimacy of everyday life, profession, language and the naturalness of reactions and gestures, also the casual expression of feeling: Hannah Arendt writes about the experiences of migrants in her 1943 essay "Wir Flüchtlinge/We Refugees.” Michael Danner (*1967) with his book project "Migration as Avantgarde" enters into dialog with her. In his photographic work, he examines the new paths migrants are taking in their hope for a better life. Guided by their own integrity and driven by a longing for a new perspective in their lives, they bring new visions and ideas into our society. Arendt says our identities change so often that nobody can find out who we really are.

In “Migration as Avantgarde,” Danner allows us to observe and to interpret what we see. He creates a space for dialog with the aim to stimulate a social debate that goes beyond the actual subject.

Michael Danner at the ME:WE FOTODOKS Festival 2017