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Lisa Domin

(*1983, D)

Twin Towers

Lisa Domin’s work Twin Towers consists of three black and white photos which couldn’t be more full of content: they show a small dinner party, leftovers, two happy faces opposite a serious one. Through gesticulation and mimic one can see that the young woman with the glasses is trying to explain something to her two cheerful table partners with the help of two ladyfingers. What is not obvious from what is shown is the content of the discussion - this is evident in the title of the work. But how does this situation occur? in 2008 the photographer spends several weeks with a New York art historian in Valjevo, a small town in southern Serbia, in order to take a language course. They overnighted in the bedroom of the older lady who slept in the living room and did her best to cater to her guests. One day the granddaughter is visiting. During the dinner the art historian brings up the events of September 2001 and both language tourists are clear that both their hostess as well as her granddaughter have no knowledge of this moment in world history. In view of the omnipresence of the media at the time this is (for us) an almost impossible knowledge gap since it is (our) standard today to be able to call on any information at any time. To declare this event as an unusual exception is due to our individual ability to judge but possibly the self-perception that we propagate should be questioned.