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Helge Skodvin

With his work Volvo 240 Helge Skodvin is showing the cult car, as well as the Norwegian landscape and culture.

Volvo 240

The photo series Volvo 240 by Helge Skodvin (*1968, Norway) documents the Norwegian cult car: edgy, reliable and functional, a symbol of Norwegian lifestyle and values. The best-selling car of the 70s and 80s is now getting old and out of fashion - but until today approximately 17,000 registered Volvo 240 are driving on Norway's roads.

'I have been photographing these cars as they are parked. In front of a house, in a driveway, in a parking lot, in a garage, alongside a road, in a courtyard, in a street. In their natural habitat. With these photographs, I want to show how we live, how our surroundings look. I wish to portray the everyday landscape.' (Helge Skodvin)